True craftsmanship requires equal parts commitment and skill. The Truitt team is made of skilled craftsman who take pride in building a better Bozeman. We commit to each home knowing it will carry our name for a long time, so we build every part to last. Like the truth, you’ll know true craftsmanship when you see it.


True communication turns people into neighbors and neighbors into friends. That’s why it’s a pillar of how we work. Through clear, consistent communication, we learn about you and your needs and help you understand exactly what to expect. It’s also how we keep our team aligned, ensuring you get the home you’ve been dreaming of. The result is a home building experience that’s smooth and enjoyable for everyone.


True creativity is the act of asking oneself the right questions. It’s what gives us the ability to see each piece of a project in relation to all the others, so we can make everything work in concert. Often, when we ask the right question, we’ll find a simple, elegant answer that improves aesthetics, cost, and function all at once. It’s these twists of creativity that allow us to turn a house into your home.


Providing Bozeman with the highest quality custom construction.


Some of our clients dream of cozy rooms to keep their families tight, while others long for airy spaces to let their thoughts unwind. Some have years of scrapbooks filled with notes and diagrams of their dream home, while others just recently opened the door to inspiration.
True, our clients are like a box of chocolates. And like fine chocolates, we haven’t found one we didn’t like. That’s because they all have one thing in common: they chose Bozeman, care about this community, and want good a good life for themselves and their neighbors. Perhaps that’s why so many have remained our friends long after we completed their home.


Our Founder, Alex Truitt, is a second-generation builder who’s been constructing quality homes since 1991. His wife works at MSU, his kids study at MSU, and it is his personal mission to give as much to this community as he feels it has given him. Simply stated, the mission of Truitt Construction is to help build a better Bozeman. Our team is comprised of local craftsmen who’ve long called Montana home. In fact, many of us grew up here in the Gallatin Valley. This common pride in our community and our work makes it easy to trust each other. Our reputation hangs on every nail and board, and that’s something we’re very proud of.

We loved working with Truitt Construction in the building of our new home. Alex Truitt is a quality builder and a great general contractor. He is a good communicator and kept us informed every step of the way. So important when you’re building a house! We appreciated the way Alex consulted with us on decisions and was also very helpful in making suggestions of changes that were for the better. Alex is very detail oriented and precise which was a good fit for us. We love our new house!
Jan Druckenmiller
Alex Truitt is so easy to work with. He listens to what you want and if he encounters an issue where a decision needs to be made he communicates with you right away. This store was my dream and he saw my dream through. He’s honest and not your typical cranky contractor. After his work on our store we want to use him for our dream home one day.
Kelly & Ryan Phalon
We have been so impressed with the quality of Alex’s work that we plan to have him complete all our future projects. We have referred friends to him, and when we recommend Alex to our friends we feel we are staking the friendship we have with those neighbors on Alex’s work. We would not hesitate to recommend him for any small or large construction project.
Allison Harper and Dan Tiller

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